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The Importance of Religious Education for Young Children

Globalization is a process that causes a person, or a State interconnected with society or other countries due to advances in communication technology all over the world. Therefore, in the era of globalization, events that occur in a country can be known quickly by the nation or other countries. This more effective net relationship causes the elements of foreign culture enter a country easily. Elements of the outside culture is certainly not all good and suitable for a society or country. Positive elements include science, critical thinking, rational, time-honoring and others. While the negative impact of globalization such as shifting norms. Teenager is a generation that is very potential for religion development today, because at this time teenagers are more inclined to things that can lead themselves to the actions which are not right.

Therefore, for both parents and teenage religious movers should be able to utilize many kinds of technology such in order to direct teenagers to positive things. Whereas is an organization that provide religious education approach. It is easier to teach teenagers about religion in a fun and advanced way like did. Through religious education, adolescents can be directed to the positive and ready to compete against this sophisticated stream of globalization.

Humans are beings who have some needs both physical and spiritual needs to live. Those needs are inherently unfulfilled, which can affect life. With regard to the physical and spiritual needs there is a need which is universal or every human being has the need or in other words a necessity that is already natural. The need is the need for religion. Because with this need man will know who he really is, and for what he was created. Religion is very important for our guidance of life, because religious education can make us more able to keep the command and stay away from his prohibitions, because in religious education it contains about the rules of life and control of the cruel and unjust acts.

So, the need for religion needs to be instilled at a certain age, so that someday man has an understanding of the good religion later. Good age or the development of this religious soul to make it clear that the speakers will try to describe it in this simple paper. And it should be for the parents especially and also for us all to rebuke the child when he read something that is not useful for him, especially when he read things that are not appropriate for him to read. And also let us always try to present or provide books that are useful reading for the child, because it can increase the child’s knowledge and also can prevent the child from reading the reading that is not useful. Therefore, it is appropriate for all of us to pay attention to religious education for our children. And there are still many more important things that should be taught to the child since he was little.