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Who Should Be Your Ropes Rescue Go-To?

You are responsible for putting together all the safety classes and workshops as the human resources coordinator. Your company needs to have a few people trained as rescue rope technicians in case the unthinkable happens. What does this type of training entail? Take a look at three of the scenarios where having someone who is certified in rope rescues comes in handy. How do you choose who will make the candidate to get certified in ropes rescue? Check out the three qualities to hone in on when looking around the company.

Great Communicator

When looking for the best candidates from your team to attend rescue from heights training, give those who are the most effective communicators a shot. People who can organize and rally people from within a group will be able to do the same in times of high stress. It’s better to choose someone who has the respect and attention of those who they may be called upon to help.

Length of Service

Seniority is one way to weed out those who may be better able to handle the stress and responsibility associated with ropes and heights rescue training. The longer someone has worked in the business, the more of the ins and outs they know and understand. Their experience is something to be applauded and rewarded. They are also less likely to take this certification to a competitor. 

Physical Capability

Physical ability is something to look for when choosing the person to be the certified ropes rescue candidate. If someone becomes stuck and needs assistance getting back to safety, the rescuer needs to have the capability of handling the call to action. Since the person in need could wind up being any shape or size, the rescuer needs to have the physical prowess to navigate the victim down.

When looking for someone to become certified in rescue ropes, prioritize those candidates who possess these three qualities.